Women's Career Coach - Business Strategist - Speaker

Women's Career Coach - Business Strategist - Speaker


My name isConsuela.  I’m a Career Coach, Start-up and SME Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker dedicated to empowering professional women who thrive for a meaningful work-life to acknowledge who they really are, share their individuality with the world, and attain joy and abundance from it.

My corporate experience may somewhat categorize me as a Finance Professional with an MBA, but I divert a little from the conventional numbers person that you may know. I love spiritual quotes, Mini Coppers, deep conversations, kids, Oprah, non-conventional art, creative small businesses, puppies, urban fashion, Zumba, mint chocolate, and chill out music, all into one. Although my diploma says Chartered Accountant, I am truly a ChaTTer Accountant with a great passion for corporate consciousness and for bringing out the best in others.

For 10 yrs, I climbed the corporate ladder and achieved most of my top corporate career goals. While it was financially rewarding, I was starting to feel exceedingly exhausted and drained, and my work didn’t feel deep nor meaningful in the world. I felt a deep need to make peace with myself for working in an environment that slowly didn’t resonate with my personal values and beliefs anymore.

During the oil & gas crisis, I was laid off and finally got nudged to go out and follow my long term dream of entrepreneurship. (For more about my layoff and how it changed my life, click here).

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I’m dedicated to "bringing out the best in you”.

Contact me for any of these services OR if you'd like me to join the board of directors of your creative small business

Looking forward to working with you!


PS: I'm always open to collaborate with movers & shakers overflowing with passion. DO let me know if you are one of them

to my inspiration

I have so much love and appreciation for those who inspired me to grow out of my comfort zone...

from my clients
  • "Consuela supported us with an important trade mission from the UK during our country briefing with the delegates. She provided a highly valued, relevant and well delivered presentation on cultural nuances of doing business in Romania. The feedback from the delegates was also very positive."

    Charlie C, C.E.O at British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

  • "Since working with Consuela, I feel much more confident in my ability to achieve my goals. She has been the catalyst for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and her encouragement and accountability are highly motivating. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by choice and information, Consuela has allowed me to remain focused and centered. Her feedback has been incredibly valuable and her empathy and personal touch can always be felt. You feel that she genuinely cares about you as a person, which for me is priceless. Consuela is a total gem and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her."

    Sabrina C, Senior Marketing Manager, Canada

  • "I went to Consuela because I wanted to develop the muscle to be effective in whatever work environment I found myself. She empowered me to define and focus on ways to adapt my work and leadership style to remain strong, interesting and memorable. I loved working with her because she held me accountable and helped me achieve my goals. Consuela gets results. Period. "

    Sarah-Michelle M, Brand & Communications Specialist, Ghana

  • "I was at a point in my career when I took a year off to do my MBA and was struggling to handle a multitude of conflicting commitments. Consuela helped me gain clarity of my situation, prioritize my commitments, and implement successful solutions. Her empathy and listening skills made it very easy to connect with her, and I really liked her reasoned and tailored approach to finding meaningful solutions that worked for me."

    Moulay Y, Investment Banking and Private Equity Executive, Morocco

  • "I had the pleasure of being coached by Consuela. Her professionalism, listening skills, and encouragement helped me surpass a challenging phase in my career. Consuela showed me the way of creating miracles through small thoughts and action changes which I hadn't considered before. She took every occasion to encourage me beyond our scheduled sessions through meaningful quotes and emails, which motivated me a lot. She reminded me the great value of gratitude and I thank her for gently pulling me out of a difficult period."

    Dalila D, General Manager, Tunisia

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